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Digital Weight Machine:

Designed for Precise measurements with Features to perform, Essae DX-852 delivers the Accuracy and Reliability needed for Trusted Jewellery weighing. Available with Multiple weighing ranges, Essae DX-852 Jewellery scale has several functions such as an Inbuilt Lithium Ion battery, Bright Green LED display, RS232 interface for connection to PC/printers, Piece counting, and much more such as Weight retention during power off, and Battery mode indication.

Compact in size, the DX-852 series is perfect for use in smaller spaces and easy to operate.


Salient Features:



Seven Segment LED Display "Green Display"


Pieces Counting:

In built RS-232 interface & Remote display either wall or table top mounted



Lithium Ion Re-chargeable battery 7.4V/2200Ah

DX-852 Weighing Scale