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Digital Platform Weighing Scale:

Sturdy and proven as a formidable complete scale for all Industrial applications, DX451 has a long product lifetime. As Digital Platform Weighing Scale with a range of weighing capacities, heavy-duty platform sizes and types, a choice of interfaces, and a spectrum of accessories, DX451 is the right choice for efficient, Precise measurement results.


Water Resistant:

Fully Stainless Steel console


Sailent Features:

High resolution A/D converter

Low on power consumption

Eco-friendly 14mm bright Green LED Display


Technical Specifications:

Model: DX-451
Description: Digital scale
Processor: Microcomputer
No. of keys: 6 keys
Display type: Pure Green LED
Display Size: 14 mm
Display digits: 6 digits
Calibration method: Software calibration
Power supply: 230v,AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 6W

DX-451 Platform Scale