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Model name: MCS 3
Product Category: Sealing Machines
Sub Category: Conveyor Sealer
Voltage: AC 220/50 110/60V/Hz
Power: 50 W
Sealing power: 300 x 2 W
Sealing speed: 0–12 (0–16) m/min
Sealing width (mm): 8–10
Product sealing movement: right to left.
Max. Conveyor loading for single bag: under 1 kg
Overall conveyor loading : Under 3 kg
Temperature range: 0-300 degree C
Distance from Sealing center to conveyor table: 10mm–40mm
Conveyor table Size (mm) : 840 L x 15 W
External dimension (mm): 840 L X 380 W X 320 H
Net weight: 24 kg

Conveyor Sealer MCS3