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Platform Type Weighing Scale

The Essae DX-415 range of Platform Scales is specifically engineered to facilitate the weighing of small / voluminous / large goods efficiently and effectively in both industrial and retail environments. Available in Bench & Platform type and a range of weighing capacities, it accommodates different items or quantities being weighed. The DX-415 weighing machine provides precise and reliable measurements, meeting the accuracy requirements of any application environment enhancing its functionality or usability.
It offers different ways to connect or communicate with other devices or systems, such as computers or printers, for data recording or processing.
The high bright green LED display provides clear and easy-to-read information for the operator, allowing them to quickly and accurately input data and complete transactions. This is particularly important in fast-paced environments where efficiency is key. Apart, irrespective of the lighting conditions with ample natural or artificial lighting, the high bright green LED display overcomes this issue by maintaining visibility even under such conditions,
Essae DX-415 weighing scale is a comprehensive solution suitable for a wide range of weighing tasks, offering flexibility, accuracy, and convenience for users in various industries and Retail SEGMENTS alike. Known for its robust construction and reliability, the weighing scale consistently delivers accurate measurements even in demanding industrial / retail settings where precision is crucial.

Bright Green LED Display with additional Jumbo display, remote & wall mounted display as accessories

Factory Options

Virtual COM port (USB)

RS-232 Interface

Set point

Printer connectivity
Can be interfaced with Essae DP-810 printer


RS-232 to USB cable assembly

External set point - relay output

25 mm / 50 mm Jumbo Display

Remote Display : Table / Wall mounting

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