About Us

S.S.R Solutions

SSR Solutions started the journey DURING 2004 at Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Since Inception, we are engaged in sales and service of digital weighing scales. Today we are COMPLETE SOLUTION PROVIDERS FOR BUSINESS OPERATIONS. We have dynamic business verticals engaged in providing ELECTRONIC WEIGHING SCALES, POS SYSTEMS, COMMERCIAL SAFE LOCKERS, BARCODE SCANNERS AND PAPER ROLLS.

We follow Customer Oriented business model, prioritizing Best Quality Products, Optimized Pricing, Prompt Service and Convenient Payment Mode. 

We promise to enhance our performance by embarrassing latest technology to refine our operations.

We strive to achieve CUSTOMER DELIGHT engaging ourselves in a Mutual Growth Perspective.

Sharp business acumen and disciplined approach of our promoter, Mr. Shiva Shankar Reddy, has made us to reach Tip of the Business Pyramid. His able operations and futuristic business approach, empower us to be the most sought after vendor in the Market.

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Why us?

SSR Solutions is engaged in providing the best products at affordable prices. We have experience and expertise in providing custom made solutions to our customers.

SSR Solutions would be your chosen partner as

  • Reliable Product Quality
  • Highly ethical Sales Team
  • Best trained Service Team
  • Continuous Technology Up gradation for enhanced Operations Transparency
  • Competitive Pricing Policy and Hassle free Payment Modes
  • Direct Reach to Customer Relation Management Team.


Electronic Weighing Scales – Retail Scales DS 65, DS 252, DS 515, Commercial Scales, Receipt Printer Scales, Label Printing Scales,  DS 252PR, DS 810, DS 810PR, Platform Scales DS 415, Crane Scales DS 315, SMILE Coin Operating Scale, Jewellery Scales DS852G, FB 600, Dormant Scales, Heavy Duty Industrial Scales.

POS Systems/Printers:  We offer high quality WEP Point of Sale systems. The bill printers are made to use with ease. They are highly efficient and customer friendly. Wep BP25, Wep BP85T, BP 2000, Handheld Receipt Printers.

Safe Locker Systems: We market GODREJ Secure Systems for both Residential and Commercial Applications. The Godrej Safes/Lockers range is Coffer V1 Red, Matrix, Defender series, Fire Resistant Record Cabinets and Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets.

Currency Handling Systems: We offer wide range of professional Currency Counters from most trusted brand. Our products are approved by RBI, Pre 2005 compliant and Ready for new 2000 and 500 notes. Our range Mx 50i, Mx 50i Turbo, Matrix V and many models are designed to cater every business segment.

Our Business

We are engaged in segmented business platform. Our portfolio of products includes Electronic Weighing Scales, POS systems and Printers, Currency Handling Systems, Bar Code Scanners and Printers.


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Our Service:

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